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Promoting patients’ self-efficacy: How can it be successful? (German)
Prof. Urte Scholz, Applied Social and Health Psychology, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Digital solutions for cancer patients: reach, (cost-)effectiveness and implementation
Prof. Irma Verdonck, Chair of the Research Group on Psychosocial Oncology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and VU University Medical Center, the Netherlands

The use of patient-reported outcomes to improve outcomes and quality in cancer care
Prof. Ethan Basch, Director of Cancer Outcomes Research Program at the UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology and Oncology, University of North Carolina

Presentation of selected digital and patient-oriented applications –
“Symptom Navi: Förderung des Selbstmanagements von Symptomen bei Krebs”
Prof. Manuela Eicher, Institut universitaire de formation et de recherche en soins IUFRS, University of Lausanne and Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois CHUV

Presentation of selected digital and patient-oriented applications –
“CanRelax: Entspannung und Achtsamkeit für Krebspatienten mit Hilfe einer App”
Dr. phil. Jürgen Barth, Institut für komplementäre und integrative Medizin, Universitätsspital Zürich