Symposium "Promoting Self-efficacy with Digital Tools/digiself2018"

As part of the National Strategy against Cancer, the international symposium on digital tools designed to promote self-efficacy for cancer patients brings together representatives of patient organisations and healthcare, social work and medical experts as well as providers of digital solutions (eHealth und mHealth). The meeting addresses the current state of developments from various perspectives.

Video Replays

Video replays of the symposium provided by All videos Welcome PD Dr. Gilbert Zulian, President Swiss Cancer League, Bern…

Media Coverage

Swiss National Radio SRF 4 broadcast a news report about the conference.


  • 12.45

    PD Dr. Gilbert Zulian, President Swiss Cancer League
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  • 13.00

    Promoting patients’ self-efficacy: How can it be successful?
    Prof. Dr. Urte Scholz, University of Zurich
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  • 13.30

    United Kingdoms’ perspective on the use of digital solutions to improve cancer patients’ self-efficacy
    Prof. Claire Foster, University of Southampton
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  • 14.00

    Presentation of selected digital and patient-oriented applications
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  • 15.10


  • 15.45

    The use of patient-reported outcomes to improve outcomes and quality in cancer care
    Prof. Ethan Basch, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
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  • 16.30

    Digital solutions for cancer patients: reach, (cost-)effectiveness and implementation
    Prof. Irma Verdonck, Vreije Universiteit Amsterdam
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  • 17.00

    Closing remarks
    Mathis Brauchbar and Manuela Eicher
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  • 17.30


  • 10.00-12.00

    Pre-Symposium – Feb 8
    “Digital applications to promote self-efficacy in cancer patients”
    Informal exchange between developers, providers and interested parties


Some of our speakers

Prof. Urte Scholz

Applied Social and Health Psychology, University of Zurich

Prof. Claire Foster

Macmillan Survivorship Research Group, University of Southampton

Prof. Irma Verdonck

VU University Medical Center, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Prof. Ethan Basch

Cancer Outcomes Research, University of North Carolina